Solving Quadratic Equations – Use Algebra Calculator

Algebra is one of the important parts of mathematics, and it is right to say it is an essential branch of mathematics. Algebra includes three common parts in their equation such as unknown parts which are known as variable, coefficient and number values. According to the degree available in the unknown part, the algebra is known as a different name such as a linear equation, polynomial equation, quadratic equation, cubic equation, exponential equation and much more. Thus, the algebra is a large part of mathematics. Here we are going to learn solving quadratic equations in different methods.

About quadratic equation

It is one of the algebraic equation which includes two factors or roots of unknown value. If learn simply, the standard format of quadratic equation is-

ax² + bx + c = 0

Here the standard format of a quadratic equation is visible where you can find variable (x), constant or number term (c) and coefficient of x²  and x i.e. a and b.

Now solving the quadratic equation is quite simple with the latest algebra calculators but slightly difficult if solved by formula methods. Different methods you can use to solve the quadratic equations in which formula method is explained below in the content.

Consider an example to learn how to solve quadratic equation by formula method

x² + 3x – 4 = 0

Formula to identify the unknown term is: -b ± √b²-4ac⁄2a

According to the standard format of quadratic equation a = 1, b = 3 and c = -4

Put these values on the formula to find the value of a variable. You will get,

x = -3 ± √9 – 4.1. (-4)⁄2.1

x = -3 ± √9+16⁄2

x = -3 ± √25⁄2

x = -3 ± 5⁄2

Now, you can consider mathematical signs separately to identify both values separately that can balance the whole equation. Follow steps given below-

x = -3 + 5⁄2

x = 2⁄2

x = 1


x = – 3 – 5⁄2

x = – 8⁄2

x = – 4

Now, you have two separate values of variable, i.e. x=1 and-4

This is formula method to solve any quadratic equation. It is quite simple, but you have to perform a much mathematical operation like multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition too. Also, you use other methods for solving a quadratic equation. In the quadratic equation, there are two roots are available that can balance the whole equation. Consider the same example to learn the root method of solving quadratic equations.  x² + 3x – 4 = 0

Here a = 1, b = 3 and c = – 4

To find out the variable values, use particular formula as-

α + β = – b⁄a

α β = c⁄a

Put the values to get the values of α and β

α + β = – 3⁄1

α + β = – 3


α β = -4⁄1

α β = – 4

Square both the term of ∝+β to find out unknown values as

α² + β² + 2αβ = 9


(α – β) ² + 2αβ + 22 αβ = 9

(α – β) ² + 2αβ + 22αβ = 9

(α – β) ² + 4αβ = 9

Put the values of α β in the above equation

(α – β) ² + 4 * – 4 = 9

(α – β) ² – 16 = 9

(α – β) ² = 25

α – β = 5


Now add α – β and α + β

You will get

2α = 2


α = 1

Put the value of ∝ in any above equation

You will get

β = -4

Hence, you have a choice to use different methods to solve a quadratic equation. On the other hand, you can choose the algebra calculator that can easily find out variable values and deliver results in fast. In the algebra calculator, you just need to enter the quadratic equitation on the required field in the calculator. Thus, enter one next tap to solve the equation. The calculator solves the equation with the genuine method, and there is no short answer you will get. Thus, solving quadratic equations is quite easy with the calculator.


What are a Quadratic Formula Calculator and its Standard Equation?

In elementary algebra, there are various ways of solving a quadratic equation such as completing the square, graphing or factoring. However and whenever you seek for a way to solve these equations the best way which comes to your mind is the Quadratic formula calculator. That is a one-step solution for all kind of quadratic equations. It is one of the simpler, easiest and convenient ways of solving equations. After reading this article, you will become able to identify a quadratic equation. You will learn how to place a quadratic equation into a standard form along with learning the alternative ways to derive a quadratic equation general formula.

Quadratic Formula
Quadratic Formula

A quadratic formula calculator in general terms could be called as a polynomial equation which contains the second degree and no higher degrees of a variable. The standard form of a quadratic equation is –

mx² + nx + k = 0

In this equation, the value of x is always unknown. m, n, and k are constant in which they should be equal to 0 or contains some negative and positive values. On the way to verify whether the quadratic formula is satisfying a quadratic equation or not, you have to insert the former one into the latter. This is known as parameterization. After this, the general quadratic formula is converted into




known as radical.

All the quadratic equations can be inserted in a standard form. And any equation which can be put into a standard form and can be solved by a quadratic formula solver represents a quadratic equation. The solution of any equation is sometimes known as the root of an equation.

There are various methods for deriving the quadratic formula. Some of these may either be simpler than completing the square method however the method represents interesting applications of the different algebraic techniques. It offers a different view of the field of mathematics.

How the general quadratic formula calculator is derived?

mx² + nx + k = 0

4m²x² + 4mnx + 4mk = 0

4m²x² + 4mnx = -4mk

4m²x² + 4mnx + n² = n² – 4mk

(2mx + n)² = n² – 4mk






This is an ancient way of determining the quadratic formula which was known to the people around years ago. When it is compared with other ways of deriving the standard formula, this way of solving and determining the formula is quite simpler. The benefits of this formula derivation are-

  • Simple to solve and is less complicated
  • Less computation of literal coefficients
  • It does not involve fractions until the very last steps.
  • Use of simple math with simple expressions
  • The central theme of algebra is to solve the equations

However solving these equations is not easy for everyone. A lot of times people find a problem get stuck into a particular quadratic equation and do not find the way to solve it. The basic command over mathematics is a must to solve such equations. However, there are various sites which are now offering the services of instantly solving the equations. One such site is the Quick Math which allows you to put down your equation in the available dialogue box to provide the quadratic formula calculator. The whole solution can be displayed along with the answer. It makes your math problems easier and explains the alternative ways to solve an equation.

How to Solve Equations using Quadratic Formula Calculator

Quadratic formula is the best and the easiest way of solving quadratic equations. Most mathematicians believe that this formula can solve even the complex quadratic equation you can think of. Then there is a quadratic formula calculator that uses the quadratic formula to solve equations. First of all a quadratic formula looks like the one below Math

Where x is the variable being solved, a, b and c being the numerical coefficients of the quadratic equation that you may come across. They literally represent any number that you can think of. The values of a, b and c could be 6, 11, and 28.

Learning the calculator through examples

If you do not know how to use the above formula, sit back and relax. But be very attentive. There is a website that you can use to learn these things. It is; the best online math tutoring site that anyone can access for free.

Let me show you how the site uses examples to solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula calculator.

Example 1

Given an equation like this,  Math

It can be solved this way;


Here, a equals to 10, b equals to -7, and c equals to -23

Therefore, we will get  Math


The final result will be Math


X= 1.8575 or


The two answers should give you the same results. You can proof it by substituting x in the equation using any of its value we obtained here.

Example 2

Let us take a look at another example of a quadratic equation and try to solve it using the quadratic formula calculator. Remember, you can get to learn all these from

An equation could be in the form of words. So, you will first have to deduce it there and form a quadratic equation then try to solve it.

Question: Solve for the value of x .if three times x squared plus two x minus eight equals to 10.

Okay, this is not a good example but was just trying to illustrate how you may come across such equations.

Forming an equation will be like Math

Using the quadratic formula of  Math

The equation will need to be simplified further since we still have some like terms that have not been grouped together. The final equation should be; Math

Therefore, an equals to 3, b equals to 2 and value of c will be -18



The values of x will be -2.805 and 2.14

You can use these values to ascertain that they are correct. If you did not get the above values for x, then you may have skipped some steps, and therefore the best thing you can do is to retrace your steps till the place you got lost. From there, you can start following the steps again. The good thing is that they are pretty straight forward steps.

Make sure you practice doing this regularly until you master it. Once that happens, nothing quadratic will prevent you from passing that math exam you are about to sit for.