How to find Factors of any Algebraic Equation with the help of Factor Calculator?

Factoring calculator is a simple technique to find out the factors of any number with a real-time value. The algebra is the important and crucial part of the mathematics where most of the students get scared to solve an algebraic equation with higher degree coefficient. Every student has to do various operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for any equation. Thus, you have an option like either uses Vedic mathematics method or choose factor calculator.

Let us consider an example, how to find out the factors as:

(x + 2) (x – 2)

x² + 5x – 6 = 0

x³ + 4x² + 12x + 12 = 0

These are some examples of an algebraic equation that required huge attention while finding their factors. It is an easy task to find out factors of any numbers but difficult when you are going to find factors of an algebraic equation.

Finding factors for linear equation, let us consider some examples as-

  1. 3x – 6 = 0
  2. 2x + 4x – 24 = 48
  3. 13x / 4 = 39

These are some linear equation whose factors you are finding. It is quite easy to find factors of linear equation. First transfer the number opposite to the equal sign. If there are more than two variables, then try to add them and transfer remaining part to the different side of the equation. You need to eliminate the coefficient term to find the factors of any linear equation. Read the content, to know the method that how to solve an algebraic equation solution-

For first equation:

  • 2x – 5

2x = +5


  • 3x – 6 = 0

3x = 6

x = 6/3 = 2

For second equation

2x + 4x -24 = 48

6x – 24 = 48

6x = 72

x = 12

Now, the factor is 12

For third equation

13x / 4 = 39

x = 3*4

x = 12

It is very simple to find out factors for a linear equation. On the other hand, you feel difficulties while solving higher degree order of algebra equations. Consider a quadratic equation to find out factors by factoring calculator. Quadratic equation can be solved by the below standard formula as-



Put the values of a, b, and c in the formula to find out the factors of given algebraic or quadratic equation. For better understanding consider a quadratic equation as

x² + 5x + 6 = 0

Now, put the values of number, coefficient, and coefficient of now, you will get the figure as


Therefore, x = -2

By solving above equation, you can get the value for X. The major concern is that the student needs to perform various mathematical operations which are difficult to solve. Thus, you can find factoring calculator to find the factors of given equation. Here you do need to enter a question in the required field then you will get the right solution of any algebraic equation. Whether the equation is linear, quadratic or higher order degree, you can find its factors within seconds. You will get the explained solution or the short answer.

  • Using factoring calculator, you need to perform less mathematical operations.
  • Factoring calculator can easily solve your algebraic equation.
  • With the help of factoring calculator, you can directly put variables and get your desired answer.
  • Use digital algebraic calculator to find out factors

These are some benefits of using the factoring calculator to find out factors of any algebraic equation.


Want to know how Factor Calculator Works?

Factor calculator tries to simplify the any given quadratic equation. The equation is normally in the form of . The calculator then walks it way down until it gets an answer. The values of a, b and c are always known while that of x has to be solved. In this scenario, x is the variable, while a, b and c are the numerical coefficients of the given quadratic equation. One more thing, “a” should never be equal to zero otherwise the equations ceases to be a quadratic equation but instead becomes a linear equation.

So, for factor calculator to work effectively using the factoring method, the equation should be factor able otherwise another method will have to be deployed in order for you to get an answer of the value of variable x. when I say factor able, I mean that there have to be two numbers that have to multiply to the equal constant value of “c” and at the same time these two numbers need, to sum up to the numerical coefficient value of “b” the numbers are called the factors of “c”.

Illustration by example

People always tend to remember how something works when they have been shown an example and have also tried another example by their selves. So for you not to forget, I will show you two examples but make sure you go and look for other examples on your own.

Example 1

You have been told to factor 

Which two numbers can I multiply them together and get -4 and at the same time sum them up to get 3? They should definitely be 4 and -1.

Therefore, when substituted, they should be

The answer is (x -1) (x + 4). You can double check the answer by expanding what you got. Always, it should lead you back to the initial quadratic equation.

Example 2

Try and factor 

a*c = 6*-6 = 36 and b = 5.

The positive factors of -36 are; 1, 2, 3, 4,6,9,12,18 and 36

But the product of the two numbers is -36 and the sum is 5. It, therefore, one of the numbers has to be negative in order to satisfy this equation.  The best combination to satisfy this will thus has to be

-4 and 9, such that -4 * 9 = -36 and -4 + 9 = 5

Substituting 5x will result in an equation like this

From there, we can then factor the first two and then the rest.

This is what you should get if you are doing it on your book,

2x (3x-2) +3(3x-2). Our common factor here is (3x-2), and thus the final result should be

(2x+3) (3x-2).

You can try to expand it on your own. The answer should be equal to our first or original equation. If not, then you may have missed something along the way. I urge you to go retrace your steps and find out where you went wrong.

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