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Solving x is a bit tricky for most students, the equation solver is able to direct you step by step by just visiting the website and clicking on the start button. To do all this it is important for one to have basic knowledge about the equation. Solving x is very simple since it is just a process that enables you to find out the value of the variable which is known as solving the equation. When you are given x plus a number equals a certain value it means that both quantities are equivalent to each other. You can be given x in multiplication, division, subtraction or addition. The important thing that one should note is, what’s required is the basic knowledge and the rest shall be a walk over.

math solver

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Do Your Math with Quick Math Factor Calculator

Make your homework a walk over by learning more and understanding how to use a factor method on a math problem. In most cases, factoring is used on quadratic equations or polynomial problems.

A factor calculator is very helpful when it comes to solving problems using factor methods, we believe that practicing more will make you become perfect in math. A factor calculator is made for you to learn step by step on everything concerning factoring procedures. It is with the help of a factor calculator where you can easily know how to calculate any math problem that require factoring method.

Why is our factor calculator the best?

It is obvious that there are other online calculators out there but with so much confidence we believe to offer the best compared to others. So far thousands of people have been using our online factor calculator and the help gotten out of it is beyond their expectation. Creating a center of learning is our aim that is why we have created a factor calculator which is easy and friendly to use. Imagine getting your math solved within no time? Isn’t this a great thing? We are looking forward to coming up with a much more advanced calculator in future.

This a great tool that as a student you should be aware of, it is intended to teach more and make it easier of your math homework. Long distance learners need a tutor in their math subject and this calculator can take you through every step. Remember that there is no fee required for you to use this factor calculator, visiting the website is you are required to do. The moment you get to start using this factor calculator and feel like you require some help, there is a navigation help button that will take you through every step required. Over years now users have trusted this factor calculator in their assignments and learning too.

A factor calculator determines the factors of a positive integer, where a factor is that number that divides another number evenly. The following are rules that that guides one when finding factors without a factor calculator;

  • Every even number is divisible by two
  • Any number divisible by three if the sum of all the digits is divisible by three
  • Any number is divisible by four if the last 2 digits can be divide by 4
  • A number divisible by five if its last digit is 0 or 5
  • Any number is divisible by six if it is also divisible by two or three
  • A number can be divided by eight if the total sum of the three digits at the end can be divided by eight
  • If the total sum of all the digits is divisible by 9 then the number is divisible by nine
  • Any number that ends with a zero is divisible by 10

To spare yourself all that just use our factor calculator which will ease things up for you.

Linear equation: Basic guide to solving each equation

This chapter is most important part of mathematics where you get to solve numbers of equations. Maybe you are the one who is afraid of this subject, but once you get the basic, you will find it amazing than any other chapters. Through this article, you can solve any Linear equation. You will get certain techniques which will improve you in solving multiple problems. These techniques involve rewriting of problems mainly in the form of symbols and simple terms. For example:

“Find that number which can give you 11 when added with 7.”

It may be written in several ways, for example, 7+? = 11, or maybe 7+n = 11, or 7+x = 11

And so on, you can take any term based on your choice and selection, but if you are solving equations through your book, then you will find more accurately x in place of any symbols like “?” or any other symbol. The above example, i.e., 7+x = 11 is called to be the first-degree problem. You can recognize first-degree problems when equation which contains variable with a maximum exponent of 1. The term placed at the left is to be maintained in such a way that equal sign can be placed on the right side. Thus, in the equation, you can see left contains “7+x”, while right contains “11”, where equality is created with the variable x.

Solving equations

When you solve any first degree problems, you get to know that equation may be false or true, and it only depends on what choice you are making for the variable x. Like the equation: 7+x = 11 will be false if any other number except four is substituted with this variable. For this equation, four is called the solution of the problem and the variable. You can get solution only if you are substituting the number from left to right in place of the variable.

Example: Determine if 0 is the solution of the equation

14x – 3 = 4x – 3

In this equation, you can substitute 0 with the x to check if the equation is correct or not.

Substituting it, you get 14(0) – 3 = 4(0) – 3 which is -3 = -3 or 3 = 3, so the equation is correct

Some other example: 2x – 3 = 8x + 6, check if equation is correct for -3

To check it, again substitute x with -3, then you will get: 2(-3) – 3 = 8(-3) + 6, which is -6 – 3 = -24 + 6, that is, -9 = -18, or 9 = 18 (here, you can see that left hand site does not equate with right hand side) hence, equation is not correct for -3.

Now, if you want to check what solution is correct for the variable to equate both sides of linear equation, then you can do some steps. Firstly, you should be sure to transfer variables and numbers on the other sides, like 2x – 3 = 8x + 6, to 2x – 8x = 6+3, that is, -6x = 9, where you get x = -9/3 as the solution. (You see through this example that when numbers and variables get transferred, change their symbols).

Why do you need the Quadratic Formula Calculator?

The quadratic formula calculator has unique ways in calculating the equation.  It can solve the second order for the polynomial equation like ax2+bx+c=0   by the use of quadratic formula. The calculator solution shows the work by the use of the quadratic formula, and it solves entered the equation for complex and real roots. The calculator can determine if the discriminate is equal, greater or less to zero.

quadratic equation calculator
quadratic equation calculator

You can also find the quadratic formula calculator which shows how the formula has been used.  You can still use the graphing calculator if you want to solve a quadratic equation and even for these of the imaginary solution.

Because many people now want to work faster regardless of the field they are in, they choose to use an online calculator instead of counting manual. The calculator can solve the entire complicated problems faster and using efficient manner. The calculator will give accurate results compared to counting the equation manually. The calculator knows the formula to use, and it makes counting process easier. You can avoid boredom when you are getting the solution to the certain equation.

The calculator that was used before were limited, but this is no long the case since with technology and economy, the calculator are advanced, and people can get exact results for the problem they have. There are some functions like divide, multiply, minus which had been developed. The quadratic formula calculator is a complicated calculator, and it has been programmed to work on high-level equations.  The newest calculator is known as the scientific calculator, and it is being used in the companies and universities in order to ease the entire calculation process.

The quadratic formula calculator has anything you want in the calculator like binary functional, trigonometry, factorials, square root and the base 2.

When you use the calculator, you will enjoy the following benefits

It is convenient for people who want to do the complicated calculation by the use of the online scientific calculator.  Now you can work wherever you are as far as you can connect to the internet. You are able to use the calculator whenever you feel like it.


The online calculator may be used easily. There is the manual help with the help function that will guide you if you are not sure about the buttons that you can use in clicking to get to the calculation.

The user friendly interface: the calculator is not complicated and its interface is user friendly. The buttons have been arranged well as it happens with other normal scientific calculators.

The calculator can be used to perform both easy and complex calculation. The example is that you can use it so that you can calculate income tax benefits, property taxes or house loans.  It can be used by students or business people.

If you are not using the quadratic formula calculator, then you can use the quadratic formula which helps to solve quadratic equation and it is among the top five formulas found in math. Even if you should not be memorizing the formulas, this one should be memorized so that you can use it whenever you need it.

How to find Factors of any Algebraic Equation with the help of Factor Calculator?

Factoring calculator is a simple technique to find out the factors of any number with a real-time value. The algebra is the important and crucial part of the mathematics where most of the students get scared to solve an algebraic equation with higher degree coefficient. Every student has to do various operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for any equation. Thus, you have an option like either uses Vedic mathematics method or choose factor calculator.

Let us consider an example, how to find out the factors as:

(x + 2) (x – 2)

x² + 5x – 6 = 0

x³ + 4x² + 12x + 12 = 0

These are some examples of an algebraic equation that required huge attention while finding their factors. It is an easy task to find out factors of any numbers but difficult when you are going to find factors of an algebraic equation.

Finding factors for linear equation, let us consider some examples as-

  1. 3x – 6 = 0
  2. 2x + 4x – 24 = 48
  3. 13x / 4 = 39

These are some linear equation whose factors you are finding. It is quite easy to find factors of linear equation. First transfer the number opposite to the equal sign. If there are more than two variables, then try to add them and transfer remaining part to the different side of the equation. You need to eliminate the coefficient term to find the factors of any linear equation. Read the content, to know the method that how to solve an algebraic equation solution-

For first equation:

  • 2x – 5

2x = +5


  • 3x – 6 = 0

3x = 6

x = 6/3 = 2

For second equation

2x + 4x -24 = 48

6x – 24 = 48

6x = 72

x = 12

Now, the factor is 12

For third equation

13x / 4 = 39

x = 3*4

x = 12

It is very simple to find out factors for a linear equation. On the other hand, you feel difficulties while solving higher degree order of algebra equations. Consider a quadratic equation to find out factors by factoring calculator. Quadratic equation can be solved by the below standard formula as-



Put the values of a, b, and c in the formula to find out the factors of given algebraic or quadratic equation. For better understanding consider a quadratic equation as

x² + 5x + 6 = 0

Now, put the values of number, coefficient, and coefficient of now, you will get the figure as


Therefore, x = -2

By solving above equation, you can get the value for X. The major concern is that the student needs to perform various mathematical operations which are difficult to solve. Thus, you can find factoring calculator to find the factors of given equation. Here you do need to enter a question in the required field then you will get the right solution of any algebraic equation. Whether the equation is linear, quadratic or higher order degree, you can find its factors within seconds. You will get the explained solution or the short answer.

  • Using factoring calculator, you need to perform less mathematical operations.
  • Factoring calculator can easily solve your algebraic equation.
  • With the help of factoring calculator, you can directly put variables and get your desired answer.
  • Use digital algebraic calculator to find out factors

These are some benefits of using the factoring calculator to find out factors of any algebraic equation.

Fraction Calculator

Fractions can be way difficult to absorb for some students when they first start with the topic. Especially, when dealing with equivalent fractions; it seems that they do not get the head or tail of anything. The concept in reality is very simple; but if the logic still eludes you, you can try using an equivalent fractions calculator, till you get the hang of it.

Fraction Calculator
Fraction Calculator

Your math teacher tells you the equivalent fractions are two or more fractions that have the same value, but have different forms. In simple words, these fractions can be defined as fractions having the same overall value, or the same simplest ratio. These fractions indicate the same part of a whole. The easiest way to explain equivalent fractions is using the example of a round apple pie. Whether you divide a pie into two pieces and take one, or out of four pieces take 2, or further on out of 8 pieces take 4; you still get one-half of the pie to eat. So we can conclude that 1/2 is same as 2/4 or 4/8; they all are equivalent fractions.

The technique to simplify a fraction is very easy; both numerator and denominator must be divided by the same number to reduce the fraction. So remember that the value of a fraction does not change if you multiply or divide the whole fraction by the same number. Remember that the number you use for division must divide without leaving a remainder. Both the numerator and denominator of a fraction must always be whole numbers; so you can know when you have arrived at the simplest answer & cannot reduce the fraction any further. And remember, only multiplication and subtraction is valid when reducing fractions; do not try to perform addition or subtraction while reducing your fractions.

The easiest way when working with conference is to use fraction calculator to check your answers. This will boost your confidence & in the long run help you with your math homework. But remember, that using these calculator will only validate your answer; you still have to learn how to arrive at that answer in the first place.

The prized scientific calculator of your elder sister can act as your equivalent fractions calculator; you can easily check your answers using it. On the other hand, there are many math websites today offering their own version of equivalent fractions calculator, you can easily search & bookmark your favorite one to verify your answers. You can also ask your nerd brother to write a short program for an equivalent fractions calculator; whether he uses C++ or Assembly, the code to develop these calculators is very simple.

It is always important that you make sure that you visit a reliable site to do your calculations. There are some sites that tend to rob your money. It is always important that you do your homework well before choosing a site, to be in a safe situation it is ideal that you go for those sites that have reviews.

How to Solve For X in Equation

Sometime the equation may contain the letters and not the number. It may be daunting and may students worry when they hear the word algebra.  Sometime algebra can turn to be hard since you have to deal with unknown amounts and the math will not be that concrete anymore. However, the best place to start with is starting with the basic foundation, and you can then learn how to solve for x.  This means that you may figure out how much the unknown amount should be.

Solve for X
Solve for X

The basic rule is that the first step which you have to take to solve for the x is to get the x on its own and alone. At one side of an equation, everything else will be at the one side. You have to keep in mind the rule, what you need to do at one side of an equation, has to be done at another side.  This is to ensure that the equation continues to be equal.

You should start with the simple equation. The basic algebra equation will involve some simple subtraction and addition that have unknown quantity.

As you continue to learn algebra, you will have to go from the simple equation and use an equation that has even more steps. The more difficult equation will have different equations.

As you continue to get more information about how to solve the equation, it will be easier for you to solve for these letters. If you would like to be comfortable by working on algebra problems, then you should take time to practice.

Whenever students are asked to solve for x, they may assume that there is always the solution for x.  However, this is not always the case. When the solution is resolved, sometime the final results may not be achieved.

If you worry about algebra, then you have to know that it is the extension of the basic arithmetic which you are using on a daily basis.  If you know the basic, then it will be easy.  As you practice more, then the rules are going to be automatic.  If you do encounter the problems, you will then find out that rules and tricks to use in order to solve for x.

 You should review the basic mathematics and arithmetic. Even when you remember the negative numbers, you can add the fraction, do the practice sets and this will boost your confidence.  When it comes to algebra, you will need to perform the basic operation, but now there are letters mixed with the equations. The letters are called the variables.   When you have to solve algebra, you will have to find the value of a variable.

When you solve for x, you will have to combine. First the like terms and these are terms that have same variables.  When your multiply or divide a term, you should do it on both sides of the equation. When you reach to the last solution, it will be called factors of a solution.  Factoring in the algebra is breaking down things that seem to become even more complex.  When you break down items in smaller pieces, you will have to apply the math skills and to find answers.